The RICOH Way represents our values, It informs our business plans, our approach to quality, CSR.

Founding Principles

The Spirit of Three Loves by Kiyoshi Ichimura, Founder. Love your neighbor, Love your country, Love your work

Kiyoshi Ichimura formulated the Ricoh Group’s Founding Principles in 1946. They inform how we do business, encouraging us to constantly improve and contribute to the wellbeing of all stakeholders, including our families, customers, and society at large.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement
At the Ricoh Group, we are committed to providing excellence to improve the quality of living and to drive sustainability.

Vision Statement
To be the most trusted brand with irresistible appeal in the global market.

Values Statement
To be one global company, we must care about people, our profession, our society, and our planet. We must dedicate our winning spirit, innovation and teamwork to sharpen our customer centric focus, and we also must commit to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

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